Forthcoming Special Issue on Advances in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Publishing date:2022-08-19 Author:Lantian Zhang

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world. From recognizing faces to processing the live action of a football game, computer vision rivals and surpasses human visual abilities in many areas.

To expand knowledge of computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies in academia and industry and to educate students and researchers on the fundamentals of this area, the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University has announced the first biennial international conference of Advances in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Technologies (ACVAIT 2022). We’ve invited Dr. Ramesh Manza, Dr. Pravin Yannawar, and Dr. Bharti Gawali as our guest editors to work on a Special Issue on Advances in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Technologies for this conference.

This special issue will be included in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AIA) to shed light on the recent advancements in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Technologies and provide experts with insights into the improvement of human life. 

Paper submission is ended by September 2022, topics of interests include but not limited to:

· Shape representation

· Biometrics: face matching, iris recognition, footprint verification and many more.

· Statistical, Structural and syntactic pattern recognition

· Brain Computer Interface and Human Computer Interactions

· Feature extraction and reduction

· Biomedical Image Processing

· Color and texture analysis

· Speech analysis and understanding

· Image segmentation

· Speaker verification & Synthesis

· Image compression, coding and encryption

· Clustering and classification

· Object recognition, scene understanding and video analytics

· Machine learning algorithms

· Image matching (pattern matching)

· Extreme learning machine

· Content based image retrieval and indexing

· Artificial Intelligence Trends in Deep learning

· Optical character recognition

· Big data

· Image & Video Forensics

· Information retrieval

· Pattern recognition and machine learning for Internet of Things

· Data mining and Data Analytics

· Pattern classification through Sensors

· Pattern Recognition for Hyper Spectral Imaging

· Satellite Image Processing

For more information about this special issue, you can visit the journal website: