JCCE is Formally Indexed by DOAJ

Publishing date:2022-12-01 Author:Casper Cheng

We are delighted to share that Journal of Computational and Cognitive Engineering (JCCE) is formally indexed by DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journal) on 30th November, 2022. 

Since JCCE has published the first article online, all the team members from JCCE has worked together to support and help JCCE develop and grow. If JCCE has not had their unwavering dedication and hard work, it could not reach the goal of indexing by DOAJ step by step. It is a huge step for JCCE and also means that all efforts JCCE team members contribute are acknowledged by DOAJ database.


Thus, we really appreciate for the dedication and hard work from the all of people who support the development of JCCE during this year. 

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Click the link below to check the DOAJ details:  https://doaj.org/toc/2810-9503