• Journal of Computational and Cognitive Engineering

    Editor-in-Chief: Harish Garg

    eISSN: 2810-9503

    pISSN: 2810-9570

    Frequency: 4 issues per year

    The Journal of Computational and Cognitive Engineering (JCCE) is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that publishes cutting-edge articles on the recent trends in computational and cognitive engineering.  The goal of the journal is to provide a new platform for the dissemination of the research and current practices in the emerging disciplines of the cognitive and computation engineering to solve the real-world problems. The journal welcome submission related to various computational and cognitive modelling approaches in the areas of health, education, finance, environment, engineering, commerce and industry.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Applications

    Editor-in-Chief: Shivakumara Palaiahnakote

    eISSN: 2811-0854

    Frequency: 4 issues per year

    Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AIA) is a peer-reviewed journal publishing original contributions to the theory, methods and applications of artificial intelligence. AIA aims to enhance the development and application of artificial intelligence by bringing scientists in the field together. Research articles and reviews on all scientific or application topics in AI are welcome.

  • Green and Low-Carbon Economy

    Editor-in-Chief: Ning Zhang

    eISSN: 2972-3787

    Frequency: 4 issues per year

    The shifting to green and low-carbon economy is at the heart of carbon neutrality actions worldwide. Green and Low-carbon Economy publishes significant original research that seeks to understand and address the economic challenges in transitioning to a carbon-neutral world. The journal aims to advance the understanding of how to achieve a green and low-carbon economy, its human and policy dimensions, and potential solutions. The journal’s mission is to provide a single and leading platform to facilitate cross-disciplinary dialogue around the green and low-carbon economy research from the economy, social, environmental, management, and applied sciences.

  • Journal of Data Science and Intelligent Systems

    Editor-in-Chief: Shaojie Qiao

    eISSN: 2972-3841

    Frequency: 4 issues per year

    The Journal of Data Science and Intelligent Systems (JDSIS) is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that provides in-depth coverage of the latest advances in the closely related fields of data science and intelligent systems.

    JDSIS considers researches that focus on data integration, data information and knowledge extraction, and data application in a wide range of fields, including health, education, agriculture, biology, medicine, finance, environment, engineering, commerce, and industry. By integrating of data with computer science, artificial intelligence, and other appropriate methods, the scope of JDSIS covers the entire process of areas of Data Science and Intelligent Systems.

  • Contemporary Education and Teaching Research

    Editor-in-Chief: Ida Mok

    eISSN: 2737-4335

    pISSN: 2737-4203

    Frequency: monthly

    Contemporary Education and Teaching Research (CETR) is an international scientific journal in the fields of education, teaching and related disciplines with open access. It publishes the most complete and reliable source of information about discoveries and current development in the form of research teaching theory, experimental reports, etc. Experts, researchers, teachers, and administrators of schools and educational institutions at all levels and teaching assistants provide a leading forum to contribute innovative new works in teaching concepts and practices.

  • Journal of Global Humanities and Social Sciences

    Editor-in-Chief: Elsadig Musa Ahmed

    eISSN: 2737-5382

    pISSN: 2737-5374

    Frequency: Bi-monthly

    The Journal of Global Humanities and Social Sciences (GHSS) is one of the world’s leading multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed forums for research on all aspects of social sciences and humanities. It focuses both on conceptual or theoretical approaches and case studies or essays demonstrating how advanced information technologies further scholarly understanding of traditional topics in the arts and humanities. Provides scholars a platform covering, but not restricted to, their particular fields of interest and specialization.

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